Moodle™ Administrator Course — A 2 day course

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Retired Course; no longer available


To book a place on this course please contact our training partner HowToMoodle.

Site administrators perform an important function of managing the Moodle™ site on a day-to-day basis. They often have exclusive access to settings and options that can impact dramatically on the experience of participants within courses and the degree to which the Moodle™ site aligns with the wider objectives of the organisation.

Our intensive course provides a wide-ranging overview of the administrative functionality that non-technical users* need to be familiar with to manage a Moodle™ site effectively and to make informed strategic decisions about site set up. This course will help you make the correct decisions first time round.

* Technical users find this course useful too!

Course Style

Throughout the day you'll have full administrator access to a Moodle™ site. The subject matter of the course means that this day isn't as hands on as our other courses but we'll make live changes to the training site wherever we can so we see settings in action. We'll be asking and inviting questions about your site throughout, so pay attention at the back!


On this Moodle™ training course, delegates will learn how to:

Suitable For

Aspiring Moodle™ site administrators

Current Moodle™ site administrators

Project managers and entrepreneurs who need to make a rapid assessment of Moodle™'s suitability for implementation in their organisation


Attendees should be familiar with:


Site layout options

Site / Course back up

Global privacy and access settings

Using in built options to modify the site appearance

Customising the interface terminology

Settings and options that impact on the experience of participants in courses

Creating and managing user accounts with manual and email authentication

The roles system

Monitoring user activity