Oracle Database Release 2 11g DBA - Part II — A 5 day course

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This Oracle Database 11g Release 2 DBA - Part II course introduces the delegate to advanced administration tasks.

Participants will learn how to plan and implement a backup and recovery strategy using Recovery Manager. They will also learn how to control database resources using the Resource Manager; how to automate administration tasks with the Scheduler and how to carry out performance monitoring and tuning.

This Oracle Database 11g Release 2 DBA - Part II course is suitable for both users of Release 1 and Release 2.


This course introduces delegates to the main concepts of Oracle backup and recovery. They will learn how to plan and implement a backup and recovery strategy using RMAN. Delegates will also learn to manage memory effectively, carry out some evaluation and tuning exercises, control database resources using Resource Manager, automate tasks with the Scheduler and use Automatic Storage Management (ASM). The delegate will practise:

Suitable For

Database administrators and technical support staff who are required to plan and implement database backup and recovery strategies for Oracle 11g Release 1 or Release 2 databases.

Administrators will also learn about the tools available to monitor database performance and the steps that can be taken to improve database performance.


A working knowledge of Oracle SQL and Oracle Database Administration. This can be obtained by attendance on the pre-requisite courses:

Knowledge of PL/SQL would be beneficial.

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Administration and Course Materials

Backup and Recovery Considerations

Oracle Recovery Structures and Processes

Memory Management


Troubleshooting Utilities

Recovery Manager Overview

Create a Recovery Catalog

Backing up with RMAN

Maintain a Recovery Catalog

Restore and Recover with RMAN

Create a Duplicate Database with RMAN

Manage Space for the Database

Monitor, Tune and Troubleshoot Backup & Recovery


Oracle Total Recall

Automate Tasks with the Scheduler

Manage Space in Segments

Manage Space in Blocks

Manage Database Performance

Database Performance by SQL Tuning

Automatic Storage Management

Managing Resources with Resource Manager