VMware Training

VMware is the clear choice for server virtualisation and cloud infrastructure.

VMware solutions help businesses reduce their costs while improving availabilities and efficiencies in their IT environment. With VMware pretty much everything can be virtualized including servers, storage, networking and it also provides a more secure, dependable and purpose-built platform that's optimised to help businesses move forward.

VMware Virtualization

VMware's virtual infrastructure design provides businesses with the capability to virtualize their entire data centre allowing them to automate and control all their data resources. When a business moves its critical applications to virtual machines it needs a platform it can trust. That is why over 350,000 enterprises run their businesses on VMware vSphere! 50% of servers worldwide are currently running on vSphere and VMware powers over 8000 server provider partners.

VSphere is the only truly thin bare-metal x86 virtualisation architecture. All others: Hyper-v, Xen, and KVM are built on general-purpose Windows or Linux operating systems. V-Sphere's freedom from the reliability, security and patching issues that come with any general purpose OS is key to VMware's trustworthy reputation.

Virtualisation Courses - V5.x

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VMware Cloud Infrastructure

VMware provides businesses with a complete Cloud Solution that includes technology, services and prescriptive guidance to take them every step of the way on their IT transformation to cloud computing. The vCloud Suite delivers a complete integrated cloud infrastructure built on the vSphere platform.

The vSphere 5.1 release provides virtualisation features and scalability and supports all infrastructure cloud models: private, public and hybrid. Hybrid Cloud creates a bridge between a private cloud with compatible, secure, public cloud offerings.

Cloud Computing Courses

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Desktop Applications Courses

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VMware Certifications

VMware Solutions would be nothing without the VCP experts to help businesses build, deploy and manage its platforms...

VMware offers a host of certifications to qualify practitioners who possess the necessary training and experience with VMware products. Certification lets employers know that you have the skills and knowledge of the widely respected industry qualification of a VCP.

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VMware Certified Professionals, Salary and Contract Rates

A recent survey of IT jobs offered across the UK reported some interesting stats on the average earnings of both salaried and contract VMware Certified Professionals. In London the average salary for a VCP is £46.5k. A breakdown of this figure showed 90% of jobs advertised in the UK offered a salary greater than £35k while only 10% offered salaries higher than £62.5k. In London the figures were slightly higher with the average coming in at £50k but with 90% advertised at £39.5+ and 10% at £62.5+.

Contractor daily rates were also surveyed and the UK average was reported to be £350 per day and £400 for London. Similarly this figure was further broken down to show that 90% of the contractor daily rates advertised across the UK were greater than £225 per day whilst only 10% were higher than £416 per day. London offers were a bit higher with 90% offering £475+ and 10% offering £340+.

For more information on salaries and contractor daily rates within the IT industry in the UK visit: ITJobsWatch

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VMware Design, Installation and Support Services

Installing, configuring and maintaining VMware installations is technically challenging and requires skilled personnel. As well as providing training in these areas we can also provide access to specialist engineering resources and support staff with the infrastructure in place to help design and deploy or provide skilled support should that be needed. We can provide several case studies (watch this space for write-ups to follow) demonstrating our experience and commitment to long-term customer support.

For large-scale deployments it's prudent to call on external sources of expertise for planning and deployment: subsequent to deployment a different skill set is required to provide ongoing maintenance and support services. We and our partners specialise in these areas and we will be glad to assist if asked.

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