HTML5 - Beyond Fundamentals — A 2 day course

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In this hands-on HTML5 training course, you will learn how to create web applications using HTML5. The HTML5 will give you the first hand experience with all the new HTML5 features so that you can start using it in your projects right away.


Upon successful completion of this course you'll have learnt:

Suitable For

This HTML5 course is designed for software developers interested in designing, creating, and deploying HTML5 web applications. It is valuable to both beginners and advanced developers that already have experience in developing web applications.


To get the most out of the course, you should be somewhat familiar with HTML and JavaScript.

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A schedule of dates for this subject is not currently available. Please call 0333 210 0140 or use our contact form to enquire about places and availability.


HTML5 Overview

Using HTML5 Today

HTML5 Markup

HTML5 Forms

HTML5 Offline Applications

HTML5 Audio and Video

Overview of the HTML5 APIs

HTML5 Canvas and SVG

HTML5 Communication APIs