Adobe Flex - Developing Rich Internet Applications — A 3-day course

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Please note that this course is no longer available. Please review the following related courses:

Retired Course; no longer available


Flex 4: Developing Rich Internet Client Applications provides experienced application developers with hands-on, practical experience using Flex. This three day course introduces developers to all the primary features of Flex they'll need to know in order to build a fully functional, well architected front end for a Rich Internet Application (RIA).

Course Objectives

You will learn how to:

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Course Prerequisites

This course is designed for object-oriented developers who want to bring the power of Rich Internet Applications to their web applications. To gain the most from this class, you should:


This course has been retired and is no longer available.

Course Contents

Intro to Flash Builder & Flex SDK

CSS in a Flex context

The singleton design pattern and building a data model