Introduction to Apache Web Server Administration — A 2 day course

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An Apache webserver training course which provides a technical introduction to installing, configuring and managing the Apache web server and to supporting CGI programming on the Apache server.

This Apache course is delivered over two days in our public schedule, but a selected subset of the course can be delivered to experienced development teams on an in-house basis.

It is common for such in-house apache training courses to select particular families of Apache modules and application servers to focus on. For example, Java oriented development teams will typically create a Tomcat training course focusing on the tomcat servlet container, excluding less relevant topics like mod_perl and including material from our Java programming courses.

Perl programmers will typically ignore tomcat and may want to add Perl programming topics from elsewhere. Something similar may apply for PHP shops.

This is an instructor-led, hands-on Apache webserver course, organised around practical tasks in web server configuration and administration.


Getting started

Basic configuration

Serving multiple sites with virtual hosts

Dynamic pages with CGI, Perl and PHP

Using modules

Web Proxy with mod_proxy


Tomcat with mod_jk connector

Serving pages using HTTPS with mod_ssl

Suitable For

Software developers


Technical and support staff in electronic commerce

Internet Service Providers (ISPs)

Web-based Application Service Providers (ASPs)

This Apache webserver course was originally devised to meet the needs of developers and technical support staff at the UK's largest business ISP. The design of the hands-on exercises in this Apache course and in our other Apache courses draws heavily on their experience and that of our own ecommerce consultants.


Awareness of the basic principles behind the exchange of information between the webserver and web clients (browsers) using HTTP requests and responses

A basic understanding of TCP/IP protocols

Competent use of a text editor

Knowledge of programming or shell scripting techniques is required, although a high level of practical programming competence is not