Motion 101: Introduction to Motion 4 — A 3-day course

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Retired Course; no longer available


Please note that this course has been retired and is no longer available. Please see the Apple page for courses currently available in this subject area.

This three-day, hands-on course will familiarise you with Motion, Apple's revolutionary software for motion graphics design. This comprehensive course covers working with Motions Real-Time Design engine and interface, behavior-based animation, parameter behaviors, blend modes, advanced particle system design, advanced title animation, working with templates, chroma key techniques, masking methods, DVD motion menu design, tablet-driven gesture UI techniques, working with audio, keyframing, and integration.

This course is designed for those students who wish to learn the fundamentals and functionality of Motion.

Course Objectives

After completing this course, students will be able to:

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Course Prerequisites


This course has been retired and is no longer available.

Course Contents

A Taste of Motion

Groups Layering and Blend Modes

The Third Dimension

Moving in 3D

Using Templates and Drop Zones

Round Tripping and Retiming

Creating an Overlay and Loop Point

Creating Text Effects

Working with Generators and Particle Emitters

Making Animated Patterns with the Replicator

Keyframing and Parameter Behaviours


Keying, Mattes and Shapes

Motion Tracking and Match Moving

Adding Audio