Understanding Corporate Computing — A 2-Day Course

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Retired Course; no longer available

Course Synopsis

Please note that this course has been retired and is no longer available. Please see the RETIRED page for courses currently available in this subject area.

This course is aimed at those who interact with IT and need to understand the technology, terms, roles and the emerging trends. Staff such as business analysts, managers, IT staff looking for an update...... anyone looking to solidify their knowledge and address the communications gap between business and corporate IT. Possibly just as importantly for business people, the course explains many of the strategic agendas relating to IT decisions.

The sessions cover the buzzwords and industry terms in areas such as open systems, centralised versus de-centralised (thin and thick clients) the understanding of IT architectures (n-tier component and service architectures,) application integration technologies, compliance issues, outsourcing and other IT topics such as Virtualization.

The discussion brings together application software, middleware systems and underlying platforms. Core areas such as the Java 2 Enterprise Edition environment (J2EE) and the .Net platform along with strategic products such as Websphere and Weblogic are brought onto perspective. There is strong focus on eXtensible Markup Language (XML), Web Services and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).

This is an intensive two-day set of presentations taking a holistic approach where, for example, data management may cover - databases, data life cycle, compliance, encryption needs and archiving systems. The course offers delegates the opportunity to address questions on a wide range of topics of individual relevance.

Course Objectives

On completion of this training course, delegates will be able to:

Intended Audience

This course is intended for:


This course has been retired and is no longer available.

Outline Course Contents

Evolution Towards Thin Client & The Web

Core IT Issues

Hardware Platforms

Emerging Technologies and Trends

Operating Systems

Java / .Net Platforms, Objects and Components


Corporate IT Architectural Layers

XML, Middleware and Application Integration

Data Management - Sharing, Compliance and Security

Web Services and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

Network Terms

Business Objects / Intelligence, Portals and Other Services

Packages, Frameworks and Service Providers

Databases and the Data Life Cycle

Mobile Computing