Business Systems Training

As business analysis and solutions development become increasingly in demand due to the rapid rate of business change and transformation the ability to identify and develop solutions for complex business needs is valuable. Such training courses can provide the basis for either the analysis of challenges facing modern firms or the development and implementation of IT systems to alleviate or solve such issues.

We offer three suites of business systems training, these being BCS, Business Analysis and Design in addition to Object-Oriented Analysis and Design with UML

BCS Training

BCS training courses are aimed at those working towards BCS Diplomas or Specialist certificates in areas that include Business Analysis and Solution Development. These qualifications prove your professional skills and experience in the area concerned. A variety of courses are offered to cover all aspects of these qualifications and help ensure completion.

Business Analysis and Design Training

Our courses in this area aim to provide the skills necessary to facilitate business change and transformation, supported with the deployment of appropriate IT systems. As such courses range from information analysis through to process re-engineering.

Object-Oriented Analysis and Design with UML Training

As UML and Object-Oriented techniques have gained traction as a standard for all phases of software implementation it has become necessary for those working in areas such as business analysis and design to have a knowledge of such techniques. Courses are offered at different levels to cater to the needs of differing users.