DCUCSCTS - Cisco Data Center Unified Computing System C-series Troubleshooting — A 2 day course

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Retired Course; no longer available

This course has been replaced by Troubleshooting Cisco Data Center Unified Computing


Cisco Data Center Unified Computing System C-Series Troubleshooting (DCUCSCTS) is a two day instructor-led training course designed to prepare Cisco Channel Partners, systems engineers, and implementers with the knowledge and hands-on experience to properly install, configure, and troubleshoot UCS C-Series servers operating in standalone mode.

The goal of Cisco Data Center Unified Computing System C-Series Troubleshooting (DCUCSCTS) v1.0 is to enable the UCS Partner to troubleshoot Level 1 and 2 standalone UCS C-Series integration issues.

The student will gain hands-on experience with proper configuration procedures and will become familiar with common troubleshooting scenarios and recommended solutions.


After completing this training course the student will be able to:

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This course has been retired and is no longer available.


Troubleshooting Methodology

Configuring Firmware Updates

Troubleshooting LAN Connectivity

Troubleshooting SAN Connectivity

Troubleshooting Local Disk and RAID

Troubleshooting Operating System Driver Issues

Troubleshooting Management Access

Configuring UCS C-Series Integration with UCS Manager