Digital Media Suite v5.3 (DMS) — A 4 day course

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Retired Course; no longer available


The goal of the course is to technically enable Cisco partner sales engineers to install and configure the Cisco Digital Media Suite through implementing the comprehensive suite of Digital Signs, Cast, and Show and Share applications for real-time and on-demand communication including flexible digital media creation, management, and publishing of content in various formats to multiple devices.


After completing this course, students will have a thorough understanding of the Digital Media Suite (DMS) with hands on ability to install, configure and troubleshoot the Digital Media Suite including Show and Share, Digital Signs and Cisco Cast. Through instructor led training and lab reinforcement with the MXE 3500, students will also be able to publish dynamic live & on-demand content for Show and Share and configure Digital Media Players with the use of Digital Media Manager. Specific objectives covered in this course include:

Suitable For

Channel Partners/Resellers

Digital Media engineers


An understanding of basic routing and switching including multicasting


This course has been retired and is no longer available.


Reviewing Digital Media Suite

Reviewing DMP Hardware

Reviewing DMP Firmware

Understanding DMP Device Manager

Understanding Medianet

Setting Up and Configuring Cisco Professional LCDs

Upgrading and Installing DMM

Configuring Digital Signs Module

Understanding Digital Media Designer

Reviewing the Content Development Process

Using Proof of Play

Understanding Digital Media Suite Content Distribution

Understanding Cisco Cast

Comparing the Public and Private User's View

Upgrading and Installing Show and Share

Configuring Show and Share

Generating and Editing Videos

Setting Up Live Events

Using Media Experience Engine

Understanding High Availability

Reviewing Single Sign-On

Reviewing Enterprise Content Delivery System

Configuring Digital Media Encoders