Data Management in Plain English — A 1-Day Seminar — A 1 day course

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Course Synopsis

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Every organisation needs to understand and manage its information and data as a valuable corporate asset. Every organisation has three key resources - people, assets and information. Yet all too often the management of data and information is the Cinderella of the organisation and scant attention is paid to this key area. Where projects are allowed to develop databases without reference to common and consistent data standards, information provision becomes increasingly difficult and applications continue to generate data problems for the future, with today's applications become tomorrow's legacy systems! A well considered data management function provides the underpinning to application development and information provision. Applications can use data with confidence; users obtain the information they want in the knowledge that it is based on correct underlying data; and confidence grows. The aims, objectives and techniques of data management are often misunderstood. This seminar is designed to unravel some of the mystery surrounding data management. The course comprises short and focused lecture sessions. Discussion of the problems and issues experienced by attendees will be encouraged. This course is endorsed by DAMA UK.


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Intended Audience

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Experience of the problems of data or databases is expected.


This course has been retired and is no longer available.

Course Contents

The importance of data to the enterprise

How system databases are developed

What happens without data management.

What data management is.

Data administration techniques.

Data administration skills.

Database administration techniques.

Database administration skills.

Who should own data management.

Industry trends and their effect on data management.