Database Training

Databases are the foundation of IT applications regardless of business area or function. As a result it is unsurprising that a wide range of database options exist, requiring training that extends from the basics, to product specific advanced features. We offer a range of courses to suit those looking to improve their skills with one particular product or to form the basis of work involving databases.

We offer five sets of training involving databases, ranging from Crystal Reports software throught to SQL and Database Skills courses.

Crystal Reports Training

Crystal Reports Training prepares users to create detailed reports from a variety of data sources that can allow for much more rapid decision making. This software allows for the possibility of interactive reports with on report sorting and parameters, allowing for maximum end user satisfaction with minimal IT effort.

MySQL Training

MySQL is the world's foremost open source database platform, based upon high reliability, speed and usability. We offer a range of courses for this technology, from a basic introduction through to advanced administration and performance tuning. In addition to these options there are also courses aimed specifically at developers.

Oracle Training

We offer a full range of Oracle courses ranging from their introductory offering through to high level courses for the latest Oracle Database releases. We also cater to more specific areas of the Oracle platform, with options for Forms related courses and reporting. Oracle Discoverer courses from the Fusion Middleware suite are also available.

PostgreSQL Training

PostgreSQL is an enterprise level open source object-relational database alternative, boasting a highly scalable architecture that allows for powerful data manipulation. We offer a suite of courses corresponding to similar courses for other database systems such as MySQL, Oracel and SQLServer. These courses build from the basics up to a level that would allow organisations to migrate across from their current environment or to integrate PostgreSQL applications into their current systems.

SQL and Database Skills Training

We also offer some courses focused upon SQL as a language, as well as courses aimed specifically at those with an interest in, or working in roles involving data modelling.