Operating Juniper Networks Routers in the Enterprise (OJRE) — A 4-day course

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Retired Course; no longer available


Please note that this course has been retired and is no longer available. Please see the Juniper page for courses currently available in this subject area.

This four-day course is an introductory-level, instructor-led course that focuses on installation, configuration, operational analysis, and troubleshooting considerations of Juniper Networks routers in the enterprise.

OJRE introduces Juniper Networks Enterprise Routing platforms including both M-series and J-series models. It then focuses on router configuration using both the J-Web graphical user interface (GUI) and the JUNOS software command-line interface (CLI). Real-world configuration and operational monitoring case studies are provided for general router configuration and for RIP, static, and OSPF routing. The class also provides an overview of common services such as the Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP), the Multilink Point-to-Point Protocol (MLPPP) and Network Address Translation (NAT).

The course combines both lecture and labs, with significant time allocated for hands-on experience with J-series platforms and JUNOS software. The OJRE class is an excellent way to prepare students for attending other offerings in the Juniper Networks training curriculum.

Course Objectives

After successfully completing this course, you should be able to install, configure, operate, and troubleshoot J-series platforms.

Suitable for

The primary audiences for this course are end users of J-series platforms, which include the following:



This course has been retired and is no longer available.

Course Contents

Course Introduction

Juniper Networks Enterprise Routers

JUNOS User Interfaces

Installation and Initial Configuration

Operational Monitoring and Maintenance

Routing Protocols and Policy


Miscellaneous Features


Supported PIMs

J-Web Interface Configuration Examples