McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator Essentials — A 5-day course

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Course Synopsis

Please note that this course is no longer available. Please see our Training Homepage for currently available courses.

The McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator Essentials course enables attendees to receive in-depth training on the full benefits of the centralized management and deployment of McAfee products. Enabling administrators to fully understand the capabilities of their security solution not only reduces the risks of mis-configuration but also ensures an organization gets the maximum protection from their installation.

Key Advantages

Improved ROI

McAfee training Courses allow customers to get more from McAfee products faster. Fully understanding a product enables optimal configuration allowing maximum protection to an organization Quicker migration reduces time spent paying for legacy solutions Administrators can become more efficient, so that they spend less time managing the day-to-day tasks required to run their infrastructure.

Reduce risk

When deploying any new product there is the risk of disrupting business continuity. Providing training to administrators can significantly reduce the risk of misconfiguration. The impact could be: Reduced system security System downtime impacting productivity and revenue System performance issues, including reduced resilience and scalability Delays and additional costs in implementing.

McAfee Education provides instructor-led training proving classroom and practical hands-on exercises to ensure that administrators understand and successfully deploy/manage McAfee products from a single centralized management solution. McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator® provides a flexible platform for the centralized management and deployment of products. Its scalability and resilience is shown it its successful management of environments with tens of nodes to environments with more than a million. The cost and risk of system downtime is not easy to quantify but can be very significant depending on a company's dependence on its IT infrastructure to create revenue. Any mis-configured security product can result in reduced protection, increasing the vulnerability to attack and impacting system performance.

Course Objectives

At the end of this course, attendees should understand the capabilities of McAfee's centralized management solution and have the ability to install McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator and deploy and manage McAfee VirusScan on remote clients.


It is recommended that the students have a working knowledge of Microsoft Windows administration, system Administration concepts, a basic understanding of computer security concepts, and a general understanding of viruses and antivirus technologies.


This course has been retired and is no longer available.

Course Contents

Security Risk Management with ePolicy Orchestrator

Installing ePolicy Orchestrator and Remote Agent Handler

The web console and dashboards

Permission sets and user accounts

Creating the system tree

Populating the system tree

Using Tags & Sorting the System Tree

The policy catalog and managing policies

Agent policies, system information, and client tasks

The McAfee agent

ePO repositories

Managing Product Maintenance with ePO Repositories

Automatic Responses

Reporting with Queries

Rogue System Detection

Server Maintenance & Utilities

Introduction to VirusScan 8.7i and Installation

Configuring VirusScan On-Access Policies

Configuring Access Protection Policies

E-Mail, Interface, & Alert Manager for VSE

Buffer Overflow, PUP, & Quarantine Policies

Configuring VSE Tasks

All topics are supported by hands-on exercises specifically designed to increase knowledge retention and provide experience needed to install, configure, and manage McAfee products centrally via ePolicy Orchestrator.