McAfee Firewall Enterprise Version 8.0 System Administration — A 5-day course

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Course Synopsis

Please note that this course is no longer available. Please see our Training Homepage for currently available courses.

McAfee Firewall Enterprise System Administration (formerly known as Sidewinder) course is a fast-paced hands-on introduction to Firewall Enterprise. It supplies a broad familiarity with day-to-day administration skills and the knowledge required to use those skills effectively.

Course Objectives

On successful completion of this course, you will be able to:


This course has been retired and is no longer available.


It is recommended that the students should have a working knowledge of Windows administration, System Administration concepts, a basic understanding of computer security concepts and networking concepts, a understanding of basic UNIX commands, working knowledge of Internet services including: DNS, Sendmail, FTP and WWW services, Internet protocols (TCP, UDP, etc.) and their usage routing and connectivity flow (LAN, WAN, Internet).

Course Contents

Module 1: Firewall Security Overview

Module 2: Firewall Enterprise Features and Components

Module 3: Firewall Enterprise System Overview

Module 4: Planning for Firewall Enterprise Integrations

Module 5: Firewall Enterprise Installation

Module 6: Routing

Module 7: Firewall Enterprise Zones

Module 8: man Pages

Module 9: tcpdump Overview

Module 10: Auditing and Reporting

Module 11: Firewall Enterprise DNS Configuration

Module 12: Policy Management Overview

Module 13: Application Overview

Module 14: Rule Endpoints

Module 15: Application Defenses

Module 16: NAT and Redirection

Module 17: Authentication Module 18: Geo-Location

Module 19: IPS Inspection

Module 20: SSL Decryption/Re-Encryption

Module 21: Mail

Module 22: TrustedSource

Module 23: SmartFilter

Module 24: Firewall Enterprise Backup/Restore Options

Module 25: VPN's

Module 26: High Availability

Module 27: McAfee Firewall Profiler Overview

Module 28: Firewall Reporter Overview

Module 29: IPv6 Overview

Module 30: Control Center Overview

Module 31: Bridging/Transparency Overview

Module 32: Link Aggregation (LAGG)

All topics are supported by hands-on exercises specifically designed to increase knowledge retention.