Moodle Course Creator Extended — A 1 day course

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Retired Course; no longer available


To book a place on this course please contact our training partner HowToMoodle.

Moodle Course Creator Extended is a natural progression for course designers who have grasped the concepts of the essential Moodle activities and want to explore the more complex Database, Lesson and Workshop modules.

Course Style

It is expected that participants will already know the basics, so you'll work in a pre-prepared course space focusing on the on the modules covered in the training.

Our trainer explains and demonstrates where appropriate but you'll be hands on throughout - constructing activities and testing as a student too.

We'll use simple scenarios designed to help you explore the set-up of the advanced functionality covered.

The course activities are subject matter "neutral" so participants will benefit regardless of their subject matter expertise, sector i.e. academic or non-academic or the age of their learners.


On this Moodle™ training course, delegates will learn how to:

Suitable For


Participants should be familiar with: