Moodle™ Course Creator Essential Workshop — A 2 day course

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Retired Course; no longer available


To book a place on this course please contact our training partner HowToMoodle.

Course creators need to plan and develop effective, engaging courses and activities and often within a short lead-time. Moodle™ is an extensive, flexible and feature rich application that can take weeks or months to fully understand if you try an unstructured, ad hoc approach.

Participation in our course fast tracks the process of building confidence and competence with the essential course based functionality of Moodle™.

The range of activity modules we cover enables participants to make informed decisions about course design and implementation for their learners or the wider organisation.

Course Style

Our trainer explains and demonstrates where appropriate but we like to get your fingers on the keyboard as much as possible!

Each participant constructs and arranges simple activities within a course with the aim of exploring the myriad of options in order to stimulate ideas about how to use the various tools in a in a "live" situation.

Activities are subject matter "neutral" so participants may derive equal benefit from our course regardless of their subject matter expertise, academic or business sector and the age of their target learners.


On this Moodle™ training course, delegates will learn how to:

Suitable For

Trainers, teachers, tutors, course designers etc. who are responsible for designing and developing online or blended courses

Anyone in a role supporting the above

Project managers and entrepreneurs who need to make a rapid assessment of the potential value and implementation of Moodle™ in their organisation


Attendees should be familiar with:


Course creation and layout modification

Adding resources

File management

Activity modules - Forum, Choice, Chat, Glossary, Quiz, Wiki, Assignment

Creating a question bank

Archival, importing and sharing resources

Monitoring user activity