Programming Training

Programming is the foundation of the I.T. industry, programmes are constantly being developed across a huge raft of platforms, from firmware through to mobile. Regardless of your previous experience with programming training can help open new opportunities by expanding into new languages or applications that are more difficult to transfer across to. Or training can help develop existing skills to allow for more complex and powerful uses to provide the best possible experience for users, whether this is in mission critical enterprise systems or a mobile application.

We offer a wide range of training for a selection of the most popular programming languages, aiming to cater to a range of abilities from basic introductions to more advanced and specialised elements. Our training is broken down into the following 11 subsections:

Android Programming Training

Android has rapidly expanded to become the world's most used mobile operating system, with applications developed for Android reaching a huge potential audience. We offer training that aims to introduce those unfamiliar with android to the basics of programming for this particular environment as well as more advanced courses to allow programmers to take advantage of the full capabilities of the OS and mobile devices.

Assembly Language Training

Assembly language is primarily used for situations with limited resources such as microcontrollers or firmware applications, in addition as a way of optimising sections of code or algorithms. Our training seeks to provide a foundation upon which to build your skills in Assembly Language, with introductory options followed by the opportunity to tackle either ARM architecture or Microchip certified courses that focus on PIC18 or PIC16/12.

C++ Programming Training

C++ has become a language found in virtually any area or application, from mission critical systems for huge corporations to smaller e-commerce uses C++ emerges as an incredibly powerful language. We offer a selection of off the shelf courses that cover a large portion of C++ however bespoke courses are possible should other requirements arise.

Java Training

Java has become immensely popular and practical due to its emergence as the language of choice for networked applications, mobile programs and even larger scale corporate software. Training offers great opportunities to both beginners and more experienced professionals due to the modular nature of Java courses, allowing for customised courses for those with special requirements. Off the shelf courses that cover the basics of Java through to application development and administration are also available.

Microchip and PIC Programming Training

For a practical approach to PIC architectures and their programming we offer a selection of courses that incorporate Microchip/CMX approved materials.

Objective-C, Cocoa and iPhone Programming Training

Objective-C and Cocoa combine to provide a framework used for OSX and iPhone/Pad programming, with a focus on simplifying the process of delivering media applications and graphical user interfaces. In order to maximise the potential of these processes a high level of experience is required, which can be provided through our training courses. For those new to Objective-C we offer an introductory course, whilst there are options available for those looking to improve or learn about Cocoa programming.

C Programming Training

We offer a wide range of off the shelf C programming courses along with bespoke courses for those with specific requirements.. Our courses draw upon the wealth of practical and theoretical knowledge possessed by our instructors that have experience with C starting in the 1970s. This allows us to provide courses suitable for those with all levels of experience with C, moving from introductory courses through to specific applications and more advanced topics.

PHP Programming Training

PHP is a dominant scripting language that provides a huge range of tools for web developers, allowing for the construction of more interactive and dynamic sites with server side scripts. We offer courses for those with or without experience in other programming languages to best cater for those looking to implement PHP elements into their web development approach. We can also offer bespoke courses if our off the shelf courses do not best suit your needs.

Perl Programming Training

Perl aims to provide a practical language for use in a wide variety of fields. This includes, but is not limited to, applications across CGI scripting and web development through to system integration and e-commerce. We offer a set of courses that aim to cover Perl at levels accessible to all, with additional courses for some specific applications as well as Bespoke courses for any other requirements.

Python Training

Python is an object-orientated language that is designed to be flexible, adopting to a variety of programming styles, in addition to being suitable for use by beginners through to developing large and complex applications and frameworks. We offer courses that take the range of applications into account, with courses to cover the basics of Python Programming, along with a wide range of others focused on specific applications

CVS, Subversion (SVN) and Trac Training

Whilst learning to programme is undoubtedly important, large projects with multiple contributors can quickly run into problems, with error tracking, documentation and lack of management control. Hence the need for version control, allowing for developers and project managers to maintain awareness of the development process, outstanding issues and testing. We provide courses based on three version control systems, CVS Subversion and Trac. Training is available both for system users and administrators to ensure the best possible usage of such software.