Advanced Performance Testing — A 2 day course

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This course has been retired. Please review the Software Testing portfolio for available courses.

System performance is often the most critical factor that determines the success a software system implementation. Performance testing must be carried out to mitigating the risk of the system not meeting its performance requirements. Businesses need to be certain that performance testing is carried out effectively, in a way that minimises cost, as well as protecting their service level agreements.

However, the number of testers who can effectively perform this vital role is low. Out of those testers who have received training in performance testing, most have only been instructed in how to use a particular tool, rather than how to carry out performance testing effectively. It can take years of trial and error to learn how performance testing should be done.

This unique course, delivered by our experienced performance testing practitioners with unrivalled knowledge, builds on the principles taught on the course Fundamentals of Performance Testing, and will give attendees a deep appreciation of how to implement real life performance testing. The skills gained on this course will make a significant difference to the implementation business systems that will ensure delivery of consistent and acceptable performance to the end user.


On completion of this course, attendees will:

Suitable For

Quality assurance engineers, performance engineers, load and performance testers, technical managers and anyone who is required to perform, is involved in implementing, or manages load and performance testing.


Attendees will need a basic knowledge of software testing principals as well as a solid background in load and performance testing.

Attendees new to performance testing should consider the course Fundamentals of Performance Testing prior to attending this course.

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Classic performance patters and tool selection

Early performance testing

Test environment extrapolation

Advanced statistics and the use of spreadsheets

Advanced result analysis

Cardinal sins to avoid