Introduction to Solaris - A Unix / Solaris Foundation — A 2 day course

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Retired Course; no longer available


This comprehensive two-day course aims to equip the novice Solaris/UNIX user with all the skills necessary to navigate the system and make productive use of the tools available, including the Windows system, the vi editor and essential Solaris/UNIX commands. It also forms the necessary foundation for subsequent courses.

This course, combined with the Solaris Utilities and Shell Programming course, provides preparation for the Oracle Certified Associate, Oracle Solaris 10 Operating System (1Z0-876, was CX-310-105) exam. Further courses lead to administrator certifications.

Our Solaris courses are suitable training for Solaris Certification.

About 30% of the course is practicals, and 70% lectures.

Each student will have exclusive use of a Sun workstation for the duration of the course.

Each student will be provided with a full set of training notes relating to the course, and quick reference cards to assist with file editing and Unix commands.

Each student leaves the course with their own set of training notes for the material covered; around 120 pages per day of training.


A foundation course to get trainees confident in day-to-day Solaris / Unix use. This course provides all the knowledge that applications users will need and forms a good grounding for the power user or administrator who will go on to take other courses.

Follow-on Courses

We offer an extensive range of Solaris courses. A natural follow-up to this Introduction course would be the Solaris Utilities and Shell Programming course (suitable for those who wish to become proficient with Solaris utilities and Bourne/Korn shell programming).

If you are responsible for looking after day-to-day administration, you may be interested in Solaris 10 Administration Part 1 and Solaris 10 Administration Part 2.

For those involved in administrating networks, our Solaris 10 Network Administration course would be ideal, and leads to the Solaris Certified Network Administrator CX-310-302 exam.


This course is suitable for new computer users and those who are using Solaris or UNIX for the first time.

Previous experience with an interactive computer system is desirable but not essential.

If you have previous experience of any other version(s) of Unix, the follow up courses described in the next paragraph may be more appropriate.


This course has been retired and is no longer available.


Solaris / UNIX / Linux overview

Getting started

The vi editor

The Next stage

Gnome Window System

Introduction to networking