Unix Course Modules

Fully Bespoke Unix Training

The first option is fully bespoke Unix Training in which original course content is designed and written in conjunction with the client. Everything about such Unix courses is a matter for negotiation between ourselves and the prospective client. In addition to our considerable in-house Unix training resourses, a range of external Unix consultants enable us to cover even the most esoteric of Unix specialisms.

Low Cost Customised Unix Training

We can deliver a high degree of customisation at the same cost as off-the-peg Unix training; by the simple device of mixing and matching pre-prepared Unix course modules.

The following lists provide outline details of Unix modules we have delivered or are about to deliver for our clients.

With a few notable exceptions, each Unix module is designed to be delivered in a quarter-day session.

As with all of our Unix courses, the bulk of that time is given over to practical and graduated exercises.

Apache Basics

Apache CGI Programming

Apache with mod_perl

Apache with mod_ssl

Apache other modules

Apache use & programming

Key Unix Configuration Files

Concurrent Versions System on Unix

Dial Up and Remote Access


Basic Filesystem

More on the Filesystem

Shared File Systems

Init Scripts

Job Control Tools

Linux Kernel and Tracing

Unix Fundamentals: An Overview

Printing Services

The Red Hat Package Management System (rpm)


Basic Shell

Shell Programming

Special Topics: Boot Manager, Installing Apps, System Info from /proc

Squid Basics

System Daemons

Basic TCP/IP

Fundamentals of TCP/IP

Practical TCP/IP

Basic Tools

More Tools

Introduction To Editing with vi

Basic X-windows

Modules Under Development or Planned