Virtualisation Training

Virtualisation is becoming increasingly popular as a method of delivering cost effective experiences to end users, with remote applications and the opportunity to operate from a secure off site location. In order to maximise the benefits of both virtualisation and cloud computing technology it is important to appreciate design and implementation best practices alongside how the technology delivers to end users or customers. We offer courses ranging from the very basics up to advanced courses for experienced professionals, for both Citrix and VMware technologies.

Citrix Training

Citrix addresses the demand for the ability to deliver desktops and applications to any user at any location. A wide variety of training is available to ensure the smooth running of any Citrix products, whilst enhancing your professional and technical skills. There are a number of certifications available for Citrix, out training is designed to meet the requirements of these qualifications, ranging for essential courses up to advanced administration.

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VMware Training

VMware is one of the leading choices for virtualisation and cloud infrastructure, allowing cost reductions along with increases in It efficiency. As there are a large number of roles within Vmware technologies and deployment there also exists a wide range of training courses, tailored to suit those aiming to obtain a VMware certification. We offer courses ranging from Virtualisation, Cloud Computing through to Desktop Applications..