VMware View 4: Install, Configure, Manage — A 3 day course

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Retired by KJS 2011-08-17

Retired Course; no longer available

This course has been retired and has replaced by VMware View 4.5: Install, Configure, Manage.

Course Overview

This hands-on training course builds your skills in the VMware View suite of products: VMware View Manager, VMware View Composer, and VMware ThinApp™.


At the end of the course, you should understand the features and operation of VMware View and be able to:

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This course has been retired and is no longer available.


Module 1: Course Introduction

Module 2: VMware View Overview

Module 3: View Connection Server

Module 4: View Virtual Desktops

Module 5: Client Options

Module 6: VMware View Administrator

Module 7: Configuring and Managing Linked Clones

Module 8: Unified Access

Module 9: Virtual Printing

Module 10: Managing View Security

Module 11: View Manager Performance and Scalability

Module 12: VMware ThinApp