VMware vSphere 4: Troubleshooting — A 4-day course

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Please note that this course is no longer available. Please review our related courses:

Retired Course; no longer available

Course Overview

This lab-intensive course focuses on providing system administrators with the advanced knowledge, skills, and abilities to achieve competence in troubleshooting the VMware vSphere™ virtual infrastructure. In this course, you will spend most of the time diagnosing and rectifying configuration problems created on VMware® ESX™/ESXi hosts and VMware vCenter™ Server systems. Upon completion of this course, you can take the examination to become a VMware Certified Professional. Please note: The exam is not part of the course and the fee is not included in the price of the course.

Course Objectives

At the end of the course, delegates will able to:

Suitable for


This is an advanced course. Required prerequisites are:

Completion of the following three courses:



This course has been retired and is no longer available.

Course Contents:

Course Introduction

ESXi Command-Line Troubleshooting Methods

ESX, ESXi, and vCenter Server Log Files

Network Troubleshooting

Management Troubleshooting

Storage Troubleshooting

VMotion Troubleshooting

VMware HA Cluster Troubleshooting

DRS Cluster Troubleshooting

Virtual Machine Troubleshooting

Graduation Lab