Advanced CSS Training Course Part 2: Graphic Design Technique — A 1-Day Course

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Retired Course; no longer available

Please note that this course is currently not available. Please see the Web Design and Development page for courses currently available in this subject area.

Advanced CSS: The Fun and Interesting Bits

This advanced CSS training course enables experienced web designers to fully exploit the fun and interesting bits of CSS3 and CSS2.1 that are often found on demonstration sites but rarely in production e-commerce, e.g.

It's over-arching aim is to help students create web design which stands out from the crowd because it looks great, and because it works efficiently for the user.

Target Audience


1. Completion of these GBdirect Web Design Courses:

2. Or the following experience and knowledge:

The Background to this Advanced CSS Training Course

Few, if any, of these techniques are ‘rocket science’ per se. Indeed, if browsers were fully, and consistently standards-compliant they would be comparatively simple.

Sadly, most users depend on non-conforming and/or incomplete browsers. So designers and developers often resort to JavaScript and Flash to create similar visual effects — frequently at significant cost in terms of reduced performance, security and usability.

This course teaches you to implement these ‘tricks’ and special effects the ‘CSS way’. Avoiding Flash entirely, and only using JavaScript to support partially-conforming browsers or to implement ‘stateful‘ interaction.

Whenever possible, graceful degredation techniques are suggested for features which are not present in, and cannot be practically retro-fitted to, older browsers.

Our Advanced CSS Training Course Part 1 (or equivalent ‘on the job’ experience) is a pre-requisite for this course. Because, CSS-support in the IE family of browsers is so non-standard and so incomplete, that it's practically impossible to implement advanced CSS layouts, without knowing the workarounds for those browsers.

Although not required for this course, prospective students who plan to build HTML5-based web applications using the advanced CSS techniques taught here, may find it useful to attend our HTML5 Training Course Part 1: HTML5 Essentials.

How this Advanced CSS Training Course is Delivered

This advanced CSS training course is delivered through a mix of tutor instruction, discussion and hands-on practical work.

All of the techniques covered will be demonstrated by the tutor with complete example code.

Hands-on exercises will provide students with the opportunity to practice all the core techniques within the course, and guide the student through follow-up work and experimentation after the course.

The overall aim is to ensure that students can develop recipes and templates which allow them to adapt techniques to their own working environment.


This course has been retired and is no longer available.

Contents of this Advanced CSS Training Course:

Advanced Selectors and Properties — Keeping up with the Browsers

Typography and Advanced Text Styling

New Decorative and Attention-grabbing Styles

Advanced CSS Menu Design

Advanced CSS Form Design

Advanced CSS for Print

Advanced CSS for Handheld Devices