HTML5 Training Course Part 2 — Programming Web Applications - A 2 Day Course

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Retired Course; no longer available

Please note that this course is currently not available. Please see the Web Design and Development page for courses currently available in this subject area.

HTML5 Course Description

This HTML5 course provides 2 days hands-on training in how to develop and program fully interactive websites and web applications, using the forthcoming HTML5 standard.

This HTML5 course is designed specifically for programmers and developers who want to exploit the new HTML5 APIs (application programming interfaces) — to provide, extend or replace existing client-side, server-side and AJAX-based interactivity.

This HTML5 course explains the purpose of the new APIs, shows you how to implement them in current browsers, how to support legacy browsers and offers best practice advice on when and how to implement evolving parts of the HTML5 standard.

Special care is taken to provide sufficient time and realistic use cases for hands-on exercises. The bulk of the time devoted to every quarter-day course module (bar the intro) is committed to task-driven practical work in which students are asked to construct complete, if simple, working applications. These applications are gradually built into the kind of suite you might find on the website of strongly internet-focused (e-commerce) business.

Successful completion of this HTML5 training course will eventually lead on to more advanced HTML5 Workshops — overwhelmingly hands-on, project-based, workshops focused on integration with the server-side backend and on mobile applications.

The writers and trainers of this course have been building websites since 1993, promoting interactivity and developing web standards from their earliest days.

Intended Audience for this HTML5 Course

Developers and technical team leaders of:


All of the following:


This course has been retired and is no longer available.

HTML5 Course Contents

Introduction to HTML5 Applications

2-D Drawing with the HTML5 Canvas Element

HTML5 Web Workers

HTML5 Storage

HTML5 Offline Applications

Geolocation in HTML5

HTML5 Communication APIs

HTML5 Web Sockets