Adobe Flash ActionScript Introduction — A 3 day course

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This ActionScript course is aimed at advanced Flash designers and budding ActionScript3 developers who want to get to grips with the basic syntax and style of ActionScript3, get an introduction to object oriented programming and put it all in to practise.


On day 1 you will learn the how to manipulate you visual design using ActionScript, apply filters programmatically and adding mouse interactivity and animation.

On day 2 you will about object oriented coding in ActionScript3 and how this can be used in conjunction with design to produce fast paced and independent workflow.

On the final day you will put all this knowledge into action building a microsite project made up of many separate documents where preloaders and progress are key and loading external content vital to its success.


Introducing Actionscript

The Actionscript Syntax

Controlling our Visual Design with our Code

All the World's a Stage

Using the Stage Dimensions

Tidying up the Code

If you can do it in Design

Adding Mouse Interaction

Controlling the Flow

Making Interaction More Interactive

Scripted Animation Using the Tween Class

Drawing is so passe

Perhaps this is a bit Extreme

So if we can Inherit Behaviour

Controlling the Whole Movie

Allowing Our Objects to Move

Keeping Track of Each Other

Watching Some Video

Watching Ourselves

Working in a Project

Building a Preloader

Tracking the Progress

Building Our Pages as Separate Movies

Implementing the Navigation

Dynamically Loading Text

Going Even Further

Bonus Topic - Loading XML Data

Suitable For

This course is aimed at designers with an advanced knowledge of Flash design who wish to push their workflow forward into developers, and at experienced web developers who wish to get a firm grounding in object oriented ActionScript3.


Delegates should have previously attended the Flash Introduction and Flash Advanced courses or have similar industry experience. They will also benefit from knowledge of other web programming languages such as JavaScript, Java, C# etc.