Adobe Flash Advanced — A 3 day course

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This Advanced Flash course will allow you to take your designer skills to the next level and certify as an Adobe Certified Associate in Flash.

Designers are often faced with the same Flash problems, this course is aimed at helping designers to structure their designs well in Flash and to integrate with ActionScript3 code written by development team members.

The course breaks down into 2 distinct sections, the first looks at advanced design and animation techniques exploring some of the latest features of Flash and design best practice, the second looks at the design and develop workflow in Flash and ActionScript3 through a series of workshop examples where design is structure to work in harmony with development.

You will also practice and take the Flash Adobe Certified Associate (ACA) exam at the end of the class. Get recognised for your new skills. Get Certified.


You will learn how to:

These skills will then be built upon to explore microsite design and best practice and architecture.

The course is then rounded off with a workshop session where delegates solve common flash design dilemmas such as clickTags, preloaders and progress bars, photo galleries, presentations, carousels, mp3 players, e-books and 3D product visualisation.


Banner Adverts

Introducing Interaction

Adding Video

Working with Sound

Building an animation on a path

Frame-by-Frame Animation

Character Animation and the Bones Tool

Working in 3D

Working with XFL

Getting it All Online

Develop Workflow


A ProgressBar


3D Carousel

Flash Adobe Certified Associate Exam

Suitable For

This course is aimed at graphic designers who have a firm understanding of the basics of Flash design having attended our Flash Introduction course or through similar industry experience and who want to take their Flash skills up to the next level working more heavily with interactive content and development workflow.


Delegates should have attended the Flash Introduction course or have a similar level of industry experience before considering attending this course.