Agile Methods Overview — A 1 day course

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The course provides an overview of the leading agile methods and techniques which are currently being used in I.T. and non-I.T. project environments.

The fundamentals of what 'agile' really is and how it works are explained by describing and contrasting several methods such as DSDM Atern, Lean, XP and Scrum.


To give delegates a solid understanding of agile approaches and where they fit in relation to typical project structures. It will enable them to understand how and when to apply them by outlining what each approach is aiming to achieve for each project role.


A brief history of agile

The fundamentals of agile

How do you work in an agile way?

What agile approaches are available?

Where do they fit with respect to:

Detailed comparison of each approach:

Moving to agile - what is the best way?

The 10 golden rules for agile success

Suitable For

Team members who are involved in projects using (or about to use) agile. Typical roles would include Project Manager/Team Leader, Business Analyst, Solution Developer and Testers, Quality Reviewer.

It would also benefit business stakeholders who would be part of an agile team.