Introduction to Agile Development — A 3 day course

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The term 'Agile' is increasingly being heard wherever software development is discussed, and a number of software development methodologies have been invented that fall under the Agile banner. This course is aimed at anyone in the software development business, whether they are a project manager, a business analyst or a developer, who wants to know what 'Agile' is all about, and perhaps where their role fits into this new world.

The course introduces the need for new ways to produce software, and discusses the principles behind Agile development. The main methodologies are presented in overview, with their strengths and weaknesses analysed, and delegates will have a chance to debate their merits. The course will also discuss topics, such as testing and estimation, that play an important part in many Agile methodologies; tools and techniques will be discussed and demonstrated.


After completing this course, delegates will have gained the following skills:


Agile Development

The Agile Toolkit

Overview of Agile Methods

Extreme Programming

Testing and Integration

Unified Process


Agile Requirements and Estimating

Test-Driven Development

Lean Development


Mastering Agility

Suitable For

The course is suitable both for those who want a general introduction to Agile methods, and also to those who are seeking to choose an Agile methodology for use in a future project.


There are no particular prerequisites for this course, except a desire to improve the software development process.