Introduction to Agile Testing — A 1 day course

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Agile software development practices are now so widespread that they are no longer considered 'extreme'. However, many organisations and agile teams still struggle with how to do successful testing on an agile development project.

This tutorial introduces the key principles of agile development with a particular focus on the quality and testing aspects. We illustrate why agile projects present a radical shift from traditional 'waterfall' project plans and divisions of labour, and show why this requires a complete rethink of the way software is tested.

We explain what it means for a project to be truly 'test-driven', where the testers take a 'lead' rather than a 'lag' role in the development cycle.

Students will learn how to use different testing techniques to provide complementary risk mitigation and test coverage on agile projects.

The tutorial also gives students practical exposure to a number of open-source testing tools popular in agile teams, such as FIT, FitNesse, and xUnit.


On completion of this course you will understand agile projects and how they represent a highly collaborative approach to software development. Through interactive sessions you will have gained practical exposure to the common processes of agile including:


Introduction to Agile Software Development

Agile Testing Strategies

The Agile Game

Agile Tools and Techniques - an Overview

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Suitable For

Test analysts, test team leader, test managers, developers or project managers who wish to understand Agile software development practices and how they impact upon testing processes.

It is particularly useful for all members of a team undertaking an agile project for the first time.