Timeboxing — A 1 day course

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Timeboxing is a technique often used in agile project environments. This course describes timeboxing and how to apply it on projects which are time critical. The course blends the theoretical concepts of timeboxing with the harsh realities of applying the technique in the real world. This is achieved with the use of a case study.


To give delegates an understanding of the detailed nature of loading and managing a timebox. To explain how to avoid common pitfalls of timeboxing such as extending the deadline and unrealistic estimation.


What is a timebox?

Timebox types

Why use timeboxing?

Structuring a project using timeboxes

How to build a timebox plan

Advanced timeboxing:

Avoiding common pitfalls

A case study is used throughout the day to reinforce the theoretical content.

Suitable For

Project Managers and Team Leaders who are responsible for the loading and managing of a timebox

Team members who will be actively involved in creating the timebox deliverable