Amarino (Android plus Arduino) Workshop — A 3 day course

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This workshop introduces the development of applications involving Bluetooth equipped Arduino devices interacting with Android mobile phones.

Course Objectives

To introduce the potential of Android mobile phones coupled with Arduino devices for the development of useful and entertaining interactive applications.


Intensive overview to Arduino by example

Overview of the Bluetooth protocol

Setting up the Arduino Bluetooth shield

Overview of the Arduino library for driving the Bluetooth shield

Implementing Arduino Bluetooth sketches by example

Overview of Android programming

Accessing Bluetooth networks from an Android phone

Introduction to Amarino

Obtaining and installing Amarino

Overview of the Amarino API

Implementing Android applications for interacting with Arduino devices


Attendees are expected to have some experience of Android programming and of implementing simple Arduino projects.

Because the format is a workshop format the level can be adapted to the experience and ambitions of attendees.