Android Augmented Reality Application Development Workshop — A 4 day course

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What is Augmented Reality?

There are many, somewhat overlapping, definitions of the concept of Augmented Reality.

Common ones, as a quick Google or Yahoo search will reveal include:

The course surveys the various aspects of Augmented Reality and how they can be used to develop interesting and profitable applications for the Android family of mobile phones. The various frameworks and components are analysed, both from a technical point of view, and also from the business models underlying some of the commercial tools and frameworks such as Layar.

Various case studies will be presented and analysed from the programming perspective, the design perspective and the underlying framework API perspective. Frameworks such as ICE (Internet Connection Engine) that are / may be relevant to developing AR applications will also be discussed. As with most FTT courses this course can be tailored to the particular requirements of customers.


By the completion of this course students should:


A short history of Augmented Reality

The potential of Augmented Reality applications

The commercial possibilities of Augmented Reality

How Android phones facilitate AR applications

AR Tools available for the Android platform

Publishing AR Content

Augmented Reality and Interactive Systems - the Four A's Case Study

Case studies

Social issues


Attendees are expected to be familiar with Android application development, Web technology and basic computer graphics.

As this is a general course, an in depth understanding of complex frameworks and complex computational techniques will not be required. Nevertheless some of the examples may involve trying to grasp the concepts underlying some quite advanced programming techniques.