Introduction to Design and Development of Android Applications in Java — A 4 day course

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This is a hands on programming course designed to get those who already have some Java (or equivalent C#) programming experience implementing practical Android applications.

The course covers the Android architecture and its Linux underpinnings, the installation of the Android development tools on Linux, Windows and MAC OSX platforms, and use of the Eclipse Java IDE as well as the Android simulator for programming, debugging and testing of Android Java applications.

It also covers design and implementation issues particular to mobile telephone applications in general and Android in particular.

This includes User Interface design and programming, handling multimedia, data storage, manipulation and retrieval using SQLite, handling content and searching for content providers.


Mastery of the fundamentals of Android Java programming and the Android framework.


Android Overview and History

Android Architecture

Overview of the Android SDK

Review of Object Oriented Programming and Java

Introduction and Overview of Eclipse and Java application development using Eclipse

Basic Android Application development and testing

Key Android Concepts and associated Building Blocks

Principles of Designing, specifying and implementing the Android Graphical User Interface

Android from the Systems point of view

User Interface Programming in Greater Depth

Multimedia Application Development

Android Database Storage

Foundations of Accessing and Using Content Providers


Attendees are expected to have a reasonable understanding of Object Oriented, preferably in Java. C# programming experience will do - and a Java for C# programmers orientation guide will be provided for those coming from the C# world.

Attendees are also expected to have some familiarity with GUI programming using either Java or .Net as well as basic web programming skills (i.e. and understanding of HTML, CSS and JavaScript.