Introduction to Java Programming for Android Developers — A 4 day course

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This course is for those who have relatively little programming experience and who would like to be able to develop Android applications.

This course aims to provide a sound introduction to Java programming that will equip those completing the course with the necessary skills to develop Android applications and to be able to understand how to program using the Android development framework in particular, but, also, Java programming in general, e.g. as a stepping stone to going on to study Java programming topics such as Java Servlets, Java Beans, JBoss, J2EE.

On completion of this course students will be well prepared to get the most benefit from the Introduction to Design and Development of Android Applications in Java course.


Programming Languages - An overview

The essential building blocks of any programming language - and associated Java syntax

The essential aspects of object oriented programming

The Eclipse Java IDE (Integrated Development Environment)

Basic Data Types

Basic Input and Output

Java classes

Simple Introduction to UML

More advanced classes and programming

An introduction to collections

An introduction to Java threads

Basics of GUI programming


Attendees are expected to have some programming experience such as might have been learned by writing PHP programs or Javascript programs in the context of web application development, or possibly shell programming.

An awareness of object oriented programming would be helpful.