OpenGL ES Android Programming — A 5 day course

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OpenGL ES is a cross-platform API for full-function 2D and 3D graphics on embedded systems.

This course provides the knowledge that a novice OpenGL ES programmer needs to author interactive, 3D graphics applications using OpenGL ES.

It covers key Open Gl ES programming topics such as overview of architecture, modelling, and lighting.

It also introduces more advanced topics using extensions such as matrix palette skinning animation.


After completing this course attendees shouldAfter this course is completed, it is assumed that following items can be achieved:



An overview of OpenGL ES EGL Interface

Drawing Primitives

An overview of the Android OpenGl ES API

Overview of Open GL and Open GL ES

Limitations of Open GL ES

Practical Open GL ES programming


Attendees should have a reasonable level of C programming skill.

No previous experience with writing graphics programs is required.

The course includes basic concepts from linear algebra (vector notation and matrix multiplication), but previous knowledge of these subjects is not required as they will be introduced and explained as needed.