Apple Certified Macintosh Technician (ACMT) Mac OS Recertification — A 1 day course

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Retired Course; no longer available


This course has been retired. Please review the APPLE portfolio for available courses.

This course will prepare you for the OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion) re-certification exam (9L0-355) which is the OS requirement for the ACMT re-certification program.

Suitable For

ALL current Apple Certified Macintosh Technicians (ACMT) whose certification is due to expire.

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You must have an existing ACMT certification that is about to expire. We recommend you take the recertification course no more than 30 days before your expiry date. Please check which recertification exams you are required to take by logging in to Apple Certifications.


This course covers the following:

The cost of this one day course is £275 which includes the cost of the OS X exam and one retake if required.


This course has been retired and is no longer available.


Installation and recovery

Locate and use OS X Mountain Lion installation utilities. Explain the OS X Mountain Lion upgrade and installation processes. Explain how data can be migrated from an older Mac or PC. Utilise the recovery partition to repair disks, restore or reinstall OS X Mountain Lion. Describe the internet recovery process.

File systems

Understand the Mountain Lion file system. Determine and resolve common file system issues. Identify how to prepare a hard drive or mass storage device for use with the OS X Mountain Lion.

Accounts and permissions

Identify the different types of accounts and their capabilities. Determine how access controls are used to enhance security. Explain how OS X Mountain Lion securely stores and shares files amongst multiple users. Manipulate system preferences to customize the user experience. Use built-in tools to troubleshoot and resolve permissions issues.

Security and privacy

Describe OS X Mountain Lion security and privacy features. Configure security and privacy settings to address customer concerns. Explain and configure FileVault 2.

Application environments

Learn how to identify applications supported by OS X Mountain Lion. Identify resources that can support applications. Determine and resolve common application issues. Understand how to use the Mac App Store. Explain and configure Gatekeeper.

iCloud and messages

Describe and configure iCloud in OS X Mountain Lion. Determine and resolve common iCloud issues. Describe and configure Messages in OS X Mountain Lion. Determine and resolve common messages issues.

Peripherals and printing

Explain which tools built into OS X Mountain Lion can be used for printer or peripheral troubleshooting. Use built-in tools to isolate an issue with a printer or peripheral. Describe and configure AirPlay in OS X Mountain Lion. Determine and resolve common AirPlay issues.

Time machine

Explain the backup process. Identify how and where backups are stored. Determine and resolve common time machine issues.

Networking configuration and troubleshooting

Determine and resolve common network and connectivity issues. Implement file sharing and other related services on a Mac including features such as AirDrop.

Troubleshooting tools and procedures

Identify the correct Apple troubleshooting tool or technique to use with a given symptom. Describe how to use troubleshooting tools and techniques.

The startup process

Identify startup issues and possible fixes. Explain the OS X startup process and its different stages.