Apple Mac Management Basics 10.9 — A 2 day course

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The Mac Management Basics v10.9 training course is a two day instructor led course with plenty of hands on labs that is designed for technical professionals who want to learn more about deploying and managing multiple Mac computers.

The first day covers deploying Macs, focusing on methods for deploying software including creating installer packages, and using network disk images for system software deployment.

The second day looks into solutions for managing OS X computers, including using Apple Remote Desktop and Profile Manager, but also discusses using the Software Update and Caching services in OS X Server to assist with management and deployment of updates and apps.

Throughout the course you will use a number of Apple tools including NetBoot and NetInstall Service, Software Update Server, Caching Service, Remote Desktop, System Image Utility and Package Maker.


The main goal of this course is to introduce technicians to the basic techniques for using Apple's tools for deploying and managing Mac computers.


Creating Installer Packages

Creating System Images

Deploying System Images

Managing Computers with Apple Remote Desktop

Policy Management

Managing Software Updates

Caching Software Downloads

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Students should have the following prerequisite knowledge prior to attending this course:


The Apple Certified Associate Mac Management 10.9 certification is granted on successful completion of the Mac Management Basics v10.9 exam.