Apple Mac Support for PC Technicians 10.15 — A 2 day course

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The Mac Support for PC Technicians v10.15 training course is a two day instructor led event with plenty of hands on labs that are designed for technical professionals who want to learn more about installing and supporting OS X with the possibility of integrating a Mac into a Windows environment.

The main goal of this course is to introduce technicians to the techniques for configuring and supporting an OS X computer where their knowledge is currently windows based. The course will teach students cross-over techniques, relating OS X to the Windows equivalent features.

Throughout the course, students will learn:-


What the Mac Support for PC Technicians course will teach you:-


Installation & OS X Recovery

Users Accounts & Permissions

Create user accounts so that multiple users can share a workstation, each user having a personal account and workspace. During this chapter we will compare the different types of users and permissions available and how they compare to Microsoft Windows File Systems, Password creation and resets. You will also look at how to setup your Mac to host Microsoft Exchange through the inbuilt software.


A look at how OS X Sierra provides a safe working environment with inbuilt security features.

File Systems

An in-depth look into how OS X Sierra is structured, how you can manage volumes on your mac and managing hidden items. Also looking at the many features such as Mission Control, Auto Save, Versions and Resume. How to work with files created on a PC and how to transfer Mac files to a Windows computer.

Data Management

A look how the Mac handles backing up data using inbuilt Time Machine software, how to create file archives and also how to get your PC data transferred to your Mac using Migration Assistant.


Boot Camp & Windows Virtualisation

How to set up your Mac to run Windows operating systems natively with Boot Camp, and about virtual options for running Windows.

Network Configuration & Troubleshooting

Accessing Network Services

Providing Network Services

Peripherals & Printing

Troubleshooting Tools

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