ARM7/ARM9 - Architecture and Assembly Language Programming — A 5 day course

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This is a 5 days hands on course that will cover generic ARM7/ARM9 architectures from the perspective of the embedded systems application developer.

The instruction sets of ARM7/ARM9 processors will be covered with practical examples. Knowledge of the architecture and instruction set and of techniques for writing efficient and well structured assembler will be of particular use to those developing low level device drivers, firmware and implementing or porting existing embedded operating systems to the architecture. This knowledge will also be needed by those maintaining libraries coded in optimised assembler such as signal processing libraries or maths libraries.

This is a taught course with labs, with a split of about 60% teaching and 40% labs.

The course will use representative ARM7 and ARM9 target boards and IAR's EWARM IDE for assembly language programming, simulation and debugging.

Note: This course can be tailored to use other target boards. The course can also be adapted to customer needs by including/excluding optional sections. Contact us for further details.


On completion of the course attendees will understand:


Overview of the ARM7 and ARM9 processor architectures

Introduction to the ARM Instruction Set

Thumb Instruction Set

Idioms and patterns for writing optimised assembly code

Basic Assembly language programming examples and case studies

Overview of Maths processing in assembler [ OPTIONAL SECTION ]

Overview of Digital Signal Processing [ OPTIONAL SECTION ]

Digital signal processing overview

Exception and interrupt handling

Basics of Firmware, Operating System and Bootloader Implementation

Caches and Memory

Suitable For

This course is aimed at experienced programmers who need to master assembly language programming using the ARM7/ARM9 instruction sets, and to understand the various ARM7/ARM9 architectures.