BCS Certificate in Commercial Awareness — A 3 day course

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The era of autonomous organisations holding a monopoly position with their product or service is fading and increasingly organisations find themselves in ever more competitive environments where the key to success is not only through internal efficiency, but also by judicious collaboration with suppliers, outsourcing partners and competitors.

In order that businesses can operate successfully in the current environment they are being forced to find new approaches to operating through restructuring, changing their organisational behaviour, modifying their internal and external boundaries, and establishing additional techniques for measuring performance. For today's business analyst to make a valuable contribution they need an awareness of all influences that affect an organisation.

This course gives an understanding of those financial and management accounting techniques that are crucial to an organisation both from a legal and administrative perspective. It also explores the social science aspects that are often hidden or not given sufficient priority that will ultimately govern the flexibility and adaptability of an organisation, which determine its ability to survive in today's competitive markets.

At the end of the course delegates may sit an examination to attain the BCS certificate in Commercial Awareness.

The cost of the examination is included in the course fee.


This course will enable delegates to:


Evaluating a Financial Case

Budgeting, Costing and Pricing

Financial Reporting and Analysis

Market analysis and competitive advantage

Organisational behaviour and culture

Group formation

Principles of organisational structure

Operating models

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Birmingham — £1495 (+VAT)

London — £1495 (+VAT)

Suitable For

Those wishing to acquire a basic level of understanding about business finance and behavioural influences

Those wishing to attain the BCS Certificate in the Commercial Awareness

Candidates with special examination requirements should consult the ISEB web site (www.iseb.org.uk) for the ISEB Special Needs policy. Note that the ISEB must be advised at least four weeks in advance of any special requirements.