BCS Integrating Off-the-shelf Software Solutions — A 3 day course

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Increasingly, organisations are seeking COTS (Commercial Off-the-Shelf) solutions to their IT system needs since these can offer more features, faster implementation, greater resilience and industry best practices. However, for these benefits to be realised it is important that the right solution be selected and integrated with pre-existing solutions and the business processes that they support.

Integrating Off-the-Shelf Software Solutions provides a usable and auditable process for software package selection using weighted matrices with appropriate modelling techniques from the Unified Modeling Language (UML).

Integration of a chosen solution with existing solutions and underlying business processes is critical to the success of a COTS solution. The course looks at integration from a variety of perspectives: integration with business strategy, IT strategy, the procurement process, the business process and the IT architectural requirements (component, application and data integration) are five of the integration themes. The role of ETL (Extract Transform and Load) tools is also considered as is the final deployment of the solution and hand-over to a service management (business as usual) function.

The successful deployment of a COTS solution involves a broad range of stakeholders and the course identifies the roles and responsibilities required in order to make this approach successful.

A very comprehensive course manual is provided. The course may be tailored to reflect the circumstances and requirements of a specific customer.



Roles and responsibilities in successful COTS selection and integration

Selecting a suitable COTS solution

The role of requirements and modelling in successful off-the-shelf solution selection and integration

Component and system integration issues

Deployment and service management issues


This course prepares participants to sit a one-hour, open book, BCS Professional Certification (ISEB) examination leading to the certificate in Integrating Off-the-Shelf Software Solutions. This certificate is a specialist module for the Diploma in Solution Development.

The exam is taken on the last day of the course, and the exam fee is included in the course cost.