Introduction to C++ Programming for Embedded and Application Developers — A 5 day course

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This intensive, fast paced course enables experienced C programmers to begin writing embedded C++ software. It covers all the commonly used features of the C++ language and provides insights into the strengths and limitations of these features in the context of implementing embedded applications. Additionally, the course discusses the implemention of C++ class wrappers around C-based operating system APIs and TCP/IP socket APIs.

Practical work uses the GNU C++ compiler running under SUSE Linux. Projects are built using the traditional command-line-and-Makefile approach, and also using an Eclipse based C++ Integrated Development Environment. Applications are run on a PC running SUSE Linux, and also on an ARM9 board running ELinos Linux.

We can tailor this course for other combinations of platform; for example:

Please call to tell us what you need.


On completing this course you will:


Brief History of C++

The C in C++

Functions in C++

Key Object Orientated Concept - Classes and Instances

More advanced aspects of working with classes and instances

A more detailed look at input and output in C++

Dynamic memory management

Exception Handling

Templates and their uses

Namespaces - an extra level of scoping

Mixed C and C++ applications and extern C

Mixed C++, C and assembler applications

Overview of EC++

C++ and Embedded and Operating System C API issues

Compiler Specific Extensions to C++

Suitable For

This course is designed for experienced C programmers.


C programming

Some experience of either embedded system or Win32 API or POSIX API programming