Programming with C++ — A 5 day course

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C++ is undoubtedly the most widely-used programming language for implementing object-oriented systems. The C++ language is based on the popular C language.

The C++ for Programmers course provides thorough practical and theoretical coverage of the C++ language for the experienced application programmer who has little or no recent C experience. It helps eliminate misconceptions and poor programming practices that can cause so many problems, by focusing on features of the language and standard library that enforce good practice and encourage clear and robust code.

This is a highly practical course which uses a mix of tuition and practical sessions for each technical chapter designed to reinforce the C++ syntax and object-oriented programming techniques covered in the course.


After completing this course, students will be able to:


Course Introduction

C++ Programs

Fundamental Data Types

Composite Data Types

Control Flow


Object Concepts

Using Classes


Implementing Classes

Operator Functions

Object Relationships

Dynamic Memory

More Pointers



Class Relationships



The Way Ahead

Publicly scheduled dates, locations, and prices

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Suitable For

Developers with solid application programming experience but little or no recent C.


Delegates must have solid experience of another modern high-level language, including writing and using functions/procedures/subroutines, structured data types such as arrays, structs or records. An understanding of scoped variables (i.e local vs. global data).

Delegates who are relatively new to programming or who do not have experience in a modern programming environment, for instance on mainframe systems, should first attend the Programming Foundation course and follow it up with some practical work.

Delegates with Java or C# experience should attend the C++ Programming for Java and C# Developers course instead.

Delegates with recent C programming experience may find C++ for C Programmers course more appropriate.