Introduction to C++ Programming — A 5 day course

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Unlike many other introductory C++ courses that use Microsoft, or Borland integrated development environments this course is based on the gnu C++ compiler.

Programmers attending this course will learn to write carefully thought out and well implemented C++ code and learn a lot about the GNU C++ compiler at the same time.

Principles of object oriented analysis and design and of UML are covered. The relationship between C and C++ is explored, and the course includes a thorough overview of C syntax.


Practical Work

The course contains many simple programming exercises to reinforce the theory, and to stimulate understanding. Coverage of make and makefiles, and the various GNU C++ compiler options will be included at appropriate points in the course.


A background to object oriented thinking

Practical applications leading to object oriented approaches

Brief History of C++

An overview of the C in C++

Classes and instances

More advanced aspects of working with classes and instances

A more detailed look at input and output in C++

Suitable For

The course is for experienced programmers, with a basic knowledge of C, who will be developing applications in C++, predominantly in a Unix or Linux environment. The compiler used on the course will be the GNU C++ compiler running on a Linux workstation.

Knowledge of Object Oriented Analsysis and Design, and of UML, although useful is not needed, as these topics will be covered in sufficient detail in the course where appropriate.

This course can also be run on Microsoft Windows platforms using the Cygwin port of GNU to Microsoft Windows.