Introduction to C++11 Programming - A 5 day Course

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This five day course is aimed at developers who are new to C++ and wish to learn modern C++ using the most common and useful features of C++11 such as auto, lambdas and move semantics.

Suitable for

This C++11 training course is suitable for programmers with a knowledge of some other programming language who will be developing applications in C++11.


Knowledge of some other programming language such as Java, C# or C.

Publicly scheduled dates, locations, and prices

A schedule of dates for this subject is not currently available. Please call 0333 210 0140 or use our contact form to enquire about places and availability.

Course Contents

Background to C++

Standard Template Library


Further Techniques with Functions

Managing Memory


Operator Overloading

NB: this is a brief introduction


Exception Handling

Worked solutions to all exercises