C++ Unit Testing — A 4 day course

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The course provides a thorough introduction to unit testing concepts and strategies. It makes use of several of the more widely used C++ unit testing frameworks (CppUnit, Boost.test, CppUnitLite and CxxTest).

It covers the concepts underlying unit testing, the requirements and characteristics of good unit testing frameworks and the way these concepts are realised in some practical frameworks.

The hands on exercises will familiarise students with test-driven development as a methodology for implementing highly reliable C++ code.


At the end of the course student will know


Overview of C++ and Unit Testing

What to test for - Right BICEP

Structuring tests, automating tests, reporting results

Test-Driven Development (TDD)

Characteristics of Good Tests

Testing and Design

Testing and Project Planning and Management

Suitable For

The course is aimed at C++ developers (including developers of Computer Game software), quality-assurance engineers, and project managers.


Students are expected to have a good understanding of C++ and the STL, as well as some familiarity with testing concepts (e.g. unit, integration, functional, and load testing)