Concepts of Programming — A 3 day course

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The Concepts of Programming course is designed to give delegates an understanding of the purpose, principals and techniques of programming.

As well as teaching the basics of programming, this hands-on course shows delegates how to create simple programs using the C programming language. Delegates will also discover when and how to use variables, conditional structures, loops, strings, arrays and functions.

This course will equip delegates with the skills required to learn further programming languages such as:-


To provide the skills necessary to write simple programs and allow access to more detailed programming languages.

By the end of this course the delegate should be able to:

.Understand the usefulness of a variety of programming languages


Introduction to Programming

Program Design

Program Implementation

Development Choices

Beginning Programming


Arithmetic Expressions

Conditional Structures


Data Collections

Code Reuse

Further Programming Languages

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Suitable For

This Concepts of Programming course is aimed at newcomers to programming..

Follow-On Courses


Understand the command line interface and have used a text editor and a browser. No prior knowledge of programming is required.